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Yes My name is Aline Coen and I am the owner of www.roxysoft.com. On 28 Jul 2010, we tested one of your software products: TJPing 2.0. Installation went smoothly on two of our test computers and we have found no adware, backdoors or viruses in the installation kit. After reviewing TJPing 2.0 we have found it to be EXCELLENT and we would like to congratulate you for the quality of your product.We have decided to list TJPing 2.0 on our website and to grant an award certifying the quality of this software product.
Pass the Shareware This Software is Hot! Yes Featured Download for Jan 2, 1998!
My Shareware Page Elite Shareware Award Yes "Your app blew me to orbit! :) Great job! I'm passing on an award on your app."
6 Duckies From NoNags! Yes "I just dumped WS-Ping, this is much better, congrats to Jim Dunne!"
FreeDownloads.com 5 Star Rating! Yes "Tjping is one of the best ping utilities there is. It allows for ping, trace and DNS lookup. It also supplies all the info you could possibly want."
InternetFreeware.com 4bags.gif (4409 bytes) Yes "It is a Great Utility and I give it InterNetFreeware's highest rating, 4 Gold Bags. I'd like to thank-you for time spent and the effort, it is greatly appreciated."
Filedudes This Program Was Rated 5/5 DudesThis Program Was Rated 5/5 DudesThis Program Was Rated 5/5 DudesThis Program Was Rated 5/5 DudesThis Program Was Rated 5/5 Dudes Yes  
Freeware32.com 4star.gif (203 bytes) Yes  
5 Star Internet Apps ani-5star.gif (1259 bytes) Yes  
Shareware.intercom (Muy Bueno!)    
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Yes Best
Tucows 5-Cow Rating! Yes  


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User Comments:

This Software is Hot!...looking for a killer ping/lookup/traceroute utility? Then you must try this software! TJPing is a fully configurable, multithreaded and super fast utility. Sure, there are lots of similar apps out there, but guess what? They're not near as nice, and they sure aren't free. So check out TJPing from Top Jimmy Software.
- Vicki, Pass The Shareware

We love this one and you will too... a superb freeware ping, IP lookup and traceroute utility. Forget DOS... you can do it all in Windows and cut and paste to your heart's content.
- Infinisource

This is by far ( In my opinion ...) the best program of its kind!
- PC Expanders

Ever had the IP address of a site and wondered what their name was? Having trouble getting to a certain IP address? Wondering where the process breaks down when you try to get through and can't? Windows' built-in PING and TRACERT utilities help with these tasks, but TJPing is better. Instead of command line operation, TJPing provides a cool, scrollable GUI interface.
- Central Florida Computer Society's What's Hot page.

A GREAT FREE ping and traceroute utility. Use this to find out where a slowdown is on the web.
- Hosting 2000

I'm a regular user of the previous versions and have gotten a few of my friends to use it too. Everyone likes it and each release gets better and better. The logging feature is great because it automates saving the ping stats, traceroutes and look up. As it is I think it's a great program. There's all these lesser programs out there want money or expire. Some are really a pain to use. You must enter the domain name for pinging, then enter it again for traceroute, then enter it again for lookup, etc. Not TJping, you enter it once and go. It looks very nice. I tried a couple other ping programs and yours is fastest. I like the features and speed. Really appreciate the time you put into it and making it free. Thanks!
- John

I did check out your app and it was rather nice. And rather fast, I might add. Keep up the good work.
- MarkG - MarkG's Win 32 Programming Page

As a network professional I have seen tons of software. Let me say that I seldom found a program, that is equally well thought out and has an eually appealing and usable interface as TJPing. I appreciate it, when a program does it´s job well and isn´t loaded with tons of unneded stuff. Congratulations!
- Martin Kasztantowicz, GEOTEK GmbH

Subject: putting tjping.zip on our server
Comments: I am the ****** Community College System BlackBoard Administrator. BlackBoard is a course management system. We are running the largest BlackBoard system in the world (**.****.EDU) which results in us getting TONS of complaints from students saying that "the **** BlackBoard site is down". I would like to reduce some of my problems by getting your permission to put TJPing on our support site so that our students & faculty could download it and install it.  Background: The ******* Community College System is composed of 23 colleges and 41 campuses in the state of *******. We are linked together on a private OCS48 network, so downloads are very fast. Our BlackBoard System currently has 206,000+ users in it.
I look forward to hearing from you, ******* BlackBoard Administrator

We are maintaining a database of free software for general purpose (www.imtech.res.in) which are available free of cost for general user and academic community. We have found your software to be useful for general Information Technology professionals, general computer users and others also. We wish to include your software in our next database release.Regards
-Dr. G.P.S Raghava , Scientist & Co-ordinator Bioinformatics Center Institute of Microbial Technology

Tucows rated your program 5 golden cows. I took their word for it, and they're once again right on the money. This is a slick, powerful program. Thanks for the freeware part!
- Steve Recks

Your program has helped me very much. I was able to solve a problem that has bothered me for 7 months. Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Lule

I downloaded your TJPing program a few days ago and all I can say is: WOW !! You have created a masterpiece in network management software. I looked at several other programs that attempt the same tasks, and they all fell short of your excellent implementation. Your software is not only easier to use, but it is much much faster than all others I've tried.
- Gary Willis

Congratulation! Great program - I recommend it to all of my customers. Keep up the good work! Regards,
- Nicolai, NIC's Internet Community, -Web Presence Provider-

I searched all the net for a Ping/Trace/Lookup Win-Program and tried a lot of them. With TJ-Ping my search came to an end. Quick starting, impressive interface, it is from now on my standard ping...Thanks for Your work.
- Hajo Wiese

I've been using the Internet for around 4 years now. I'd like to second/third/fourth etc some of the compliments you've received about the program. TJPing is absolutely brilliant. I believe its amongst the best Internet utilities available. What's amazing is that it's free.
- David Segall

Excellent! Who needs any other ping facillity. I just chucked what I had and will stick with TJ ping. Great stuff and well done. It's usefull, has the level of technical detail I need and quickly shows me where something has gone wrong. Keep it up.
- Johan from South Africa

Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts in TJPing. I started using it at home to troubleshoot my own Internet problems. When my coworkers (network engineers) asked me about a functional PING program (as opposed to what's provided in NT & Win95), I brought yours in and it's been a roaring success. Thanks again for your hard work - I appreciate it.
- Gary Abbott

We downloaded TJ Ping yesterday and were really impressed. On occassion, we have to trace IP address and ping gateways and servers and your program works great. Previously, we had been using the Win95 ping and tracert. TJ Ping has already spoiled us. Thanks for such a great program and keep up the good work.
- David Snider, Hardware Support Specialist, Load King Manufacturing, Inc.

i downloaded this program originally because someone ranted and raved about its ease of use, power, and functionality. this reviewer proclaimed TJPing to be the best out of all of the ping utilities that he had used!! this reviewer also said that he threw away all of the others and will now exclusively use TJPing!! gosh by golly!! this was good enough for me, so i got it, installed it, and ran it. but you know, i was such a computer goober at that time, i just sat there looking at it, wondering just exactly what it was supposed to do!?!? well, i've taken a few relevant classes since then and i can now use TJPing (yeah!), and i basically understand now what it could be used for (double yeah!!). i suppose what i am trying to say is that if you have a need for a utility that will ping, do lookups, and traceroutes, i seriously doubt that you will find a better program than TJPing. i do know that it is extremely easy to use and the information that it presents is very understandable. i also have a strong feeling that the mysterious reviewer above (i have forgotten just where this review was) is correct on all accounts!! anyway, you won't regret downloading and using it, really, cause, you know, umm, freeware can be so cool!!
- Michael L. Hallsted, Mikey's Freeware Page

As a sysadmin, I've used a variety of ping utils over the years. Dogone if yours is the most usefull. I like being able to customize the ping pattern which makes it easy to see on the network analyzer. Thanks.
- Fred Lenk

I just wanted to say THANKS for a super Tjping program! I was looking for a ping application that allowed ME to set the data sent and review what is echoed back. You software is a God-send. Once again, thanks for your freeware.
- Brian Lavallee, Nortel - Systems Engineering

The program is absolutely fantastic. I often get a very annoying problem when I connect, and my ISP blames the phone lines, and the phone company blames my ISP etc etc, I might be downloading a large file when my transfer rate slowly goes down to zero, and I have to cancel downloading and, evenn though I use a "resumed download" file manager, I still lose time. However, now, if this happens, I simply "ping" my ISP and the download continues, thus saving me a lot of time. Thanks.
-Gerald Kilpatrick

Just wanted to say: TJPing is GREAT !!! Keep on programing ! People like you made the Internet !!!
- Peter N. Posch

What can I say the answer to a prayer, a superb utility that will fit on a floppy, just the thing for an engineer on the road who needs to check out TCP/IP connectivety. Well done and thanks for being decent enough to share your efforts with others.
- Alan Randles

Great App!! I have been using Big Brother to keep tabs on my remote hosts... your program is much simpler and I actually prefer the display... Will definitely recommend it to my clients!! Good Stuff!!
- Mark Law, Owner / President / Whatever, Cabin Fever Consulting Service

Just wanted to drop a note to you that I find your program excellent! Did all the things I wanted to do in a very nice and easy to use format. After using it for a bit, was looking for one more feature and surprise, found it as an option already built in that I could set.
- Dave Wendt

I'm really surprised by your tjping: it works perfectly and, above all, at a flash-lightning speed! Thanks by heart,
-Andrea De Rosa (MI - Italy), Airon Communication s.r.l.

I am developing a class for System Administrators and I would like to use the TJPing product in the class and possibly include the shareware copy of TJPing and TJPingPro on the Student CD.  Thank you so much for letting me use TJPing in my class.  I will press TJPing and TJPingPro zip files on the student CD and for now, I will teach the TJPing in the class when I do the section on TCP/IP.  I created training manuals to train the system administrators at the House of Reps and the Senate in Wash. D.C.  I learned about your product at the Senate and taught the sys admins to use TJPing there. I love the interface.  Thanks again for the product (which I love) and for letting me use it in the class.
- Sally Peters

Love your TJPING program. Thanks for sharing it with us.
- Kok Hee Phua

It's great - the best of it's kind! ...it's a fabulous tool. Thanks for making it freely available.
- David M. Plummer

I just picked it up....very nice interface...very user friendly... thanks for your work...hope you keep it up....we all need useful utilities.
- Sonny Joiner

I have always thought that people who produce freeware to help other people are unusually nice. Especially when it is considered an Internet utility that in any way helps organize or improve an increasingly messy internet. Thank you for TJPing, it's appreciated.
- S. J.

Just wanted to congratulate you, and thank you for a very nice pieceof software!
- John F. Smith

Let me say I've been impressed with the polish and functionality of TJ Ping, WELL DONE!
- Scott Wright

Thanks for the use of TJPing. It is straight-forward and intuitive; a good solid piece of software. Keep it up! Cheers,
- Jack H. Homsher,II

Like to compliment you on the TJPing 1.9.....very nice and very good...... Keep it up dude......
- Max Downing

Thanks for your outstanding utility. It was recommended to me by my system administrator and tucows.
- SimpleNet

Great job!
- Anders Skoglund

Just wanted to say nice job on TJPing. I'm not the most computer literate person but your program was much easier to use and read results with than the ping/trace route that comes with Win95. Thanks.
- Jason Ross

I would just like to say that your program is one of the most handy I have ever used. It is just the perfect size and has enough features to give it the flexibility I need in a program of this type. Thanks for your efforts. I surely appreciate them. Regards and good luck in all your software development.
- Bill Estes

I love this program. I find the information valuable because I quite often need to explain IP routing to people and your program makes this concept real to them. Thank-You.
- Brad Hogg (Teddy-Bear)

My ISP recommended your tjping progam....
- Dick Lambert

Thanks for TJPing. It is very good and very fast. Ideal in Windows environment. Beats going back into a DOS screen and typing ping. Really! I'm suitably impressed.
- Larry Smith

I am a user of your TJPing and I love it. I look up host names and traceroutes all the time. It's about time someone other than Linux thought of this, and you even put a GUI interface with it. Great.
- Vladimir

my life is a lot easier this week as i work on the network to connect our 12 schools...thanks to tjping!
- Jim Flenniken

TUCOWS is probably right in awarding you 5 cows. It's the best pinger I have used so far.
- Herman L. Boerrigter

Just downloaded it -- Tucows -- and think it is just as good as sliced bread. Nice job. Thanks.
- Don

This is an excellent program, and it is commendable that you have made it so freely available. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
- Rohit Jain

Man first of all I love TjPing! It rocks....
- Joe Kovacs

Smooth! More elegant and just as easy as WS-PING.
- Felipe M.L. Gasper

I *love* the program--thanks for making it available!
- Jerry Palsson

My name is Kevin. I am working on a Quake utility. I am adding a ping functionality to the program. So players can check the server speed before log on. Anyway, for the past 5 nights, i worked pass 1 o'clock on the ping class. And I failed miserably due to lack for good documentations, etc. I just read the Microsoft ICMP documentation on your web, it seems to be very useful. Thank you, Thank you.
- Kevin Yuchao Cao, Computer Engineering BS/MS

I would just like to let you know that I have found TJPing to be a very useful program. It's much better than WS Ping which I had been previously using.
- Chuck Aude, UNIX System Administrator

I have just downloaded your program from a Tucows site in Tennessee. I am running WinNT 4.0 on a pentium pro 200 with 64 MB of RAM. I so far am having excellent results with your program. It seems to handle things faster and have more desired features and functionality than a variety of others I have used in the past. Your programming skills and generosity are greatly appreciated. If I may be of assistance to you in any way I am able, please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks again.
- Bill Estes

Just downloaded TJPing, it's really good, very user friendly. I like finding a good freeware program. I'll check out your hompage ASAP.
- Colin Burn-Murdoch

Just like to say, thanks for the excellent ping application.
- Mike DeForrest

just replaced NetTools on my Win95 notebook. very nice work.
- Mike O'Dell

- Trae Robertson

Loved your software! Keep up the great work. Thanks.
- Dave Hinkle

I tried your TJping 1.7b this morning, anf found it works great on my PC, which runs with Window95 Korean version. So, many korean will happy to use TJping.
- Hyeong-Soon Tim

I like TJPing alot... !
-Josh Abraham

Interesting utility and quite useful.
- Randall Meston

First, your TJPing is a real great app.
- Achim Hofmann

Many warm thanks for creating TJPing and for making it freely available!
- Silla Rizzoli

Our corporate TCP/IP application suite is FTP Software's OnNet. However, we're going to an NT 4.0 environment and guess what? OnNet's Ping won't work on NT. NT has a native ping, but for Data Center people who have to often use ping, a command line Ping doesn't cut it. So I went to Tucows and looked for a ping utility. I found yours and liked it. Having ping, lookup, and traceroute together is great - they're exactly the functions we need for troubleshooting TCP/IP problems. Thanks.
- Gary Schulze

I like your helpful program. Keep up the good work !
- Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz, M.D.

great pinger app!
- Russell E Morris

I would like to commend you on your ping utility, it's one of the best I've seen.
- Pablo C. Breuer

I think your Ping Software is the BEST I have ever seen!!! :-) Work hard!!! And thanks very much for your freeware!!!
- Alexander Lai, A User of TJPing 1.9 in Hong Kong

I really like it. Thanks a lot for making such a great product and providing it for free. I also tried TJ Ping Pro, and while its got more features, I like the simple but useful interface of the basic TJ Ping. I used to use WS Ping, but it isn't really in the same league. Anyway, thanks much.
- Robert Kee

I've been running UNIX ping, traceroute, and DNSlookup for a while, but this is the first time I've tried any software of this kind on the Windows platform. This is a great utility. It is TINY, and has all the functions I need, and best of all, it's a freeware. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a good software.
- Joseph Sui

Hello, I am using your utility. Indeed it's good.
- Felix Borge Castillo, The Netherlands

I'm glad to see that there is a Jim Dunne out there that can write a decent program :) I just d/l tjping out of the blue, and was blown away by your name being on it (since it's rare to have the E on the end of dunne). Most graphical traceroutes I've tried using like to gpf on my machine, yours seems to run flawlessly. Also gives a nice display, and alot of nice options. Thanks again :) Now I can stop c/p from crappy dos tracert windows.
- Jim Dunne

Thanks for doing TJPing, it is very useful and I use it regularly.
- Matthew Gann

This is a great utility. Thanks for making it freeware.
- Jean Leblanc, Network administrator/Administrateur de reseau

Nice job!!!!! Thanks for a superior utility.
- Tom Lominac

Thanks you very much for your freeware tjping :-) A+ :) Amicalement,
- Rey Brice

Just a congratulation for your software.
- Bruno Touret

Thanx for writing nice software and making it freely available. I use TJPing at home, and a few of us use it here at Advantage.
- Murray Baker

Thanks for getting back to me it's a great program. How come it's free?
- Terry Goldfarb

Hi there! I will be reviewing your program on my shareware page shortly (this week I hope) and will give it 5 stars (absolute maximum).
- Stefan Assman

Just a note of thanks for a nice program. TJPing is neat!
- Larry Robison

fantastic! and the new version works with win98! good job.
- Steve Spence

Thanks ! Thought I had used all the tools. Then I found yours by accident. TJPING has got to be the easiest, fastest, and most user friendly program that I have found. Keep up the Great work!!
- Val

Nice software! Thanks for making it freeware. It works well, no fuss and gives the results. Look forward to your next effort.
- David Cefai

Great program your TJPING!
- David Gallia

I think that your program is great. I use it everyday. We have some problems with the novell network. and I use your program to check the state of the connections at least 10 times a day. Continue doing a great job.
- Carlos Villanueva

Congratulation for TJPing 1.8. I love it.
- Marcus

Great job on TJPing.
- Joel Maye

Everything works fine and looks good... Thanks and your program is great.
- Raymond Po

I love your tjping program it rocks, its so nice to be able to have such a user friendy interface and not spare the functionality of the software! It works great to find out the ping for the Quake Spy Servers as well. Thanks So Much!
- Joe Kovacs

Merci pour votre programme, il est super. Thanks for your program, it's super.
- Philippe Godard

Thank You for developing TJPing! it's the best Ping/Lookup/Trace utility I've seen. it stores past ping sites and lets you delete them from the list. sets the number of ping packets and the timeout. It's fast and I like the max/min/avg stats. Trace route utility is great for troubleshooting network jams. Thanks.
- Steve Kross

I've download your Tool TJPing. It's a very good tool for me, because I'm networkadministrator.
- Peter Ackermann

Nice program - thanks.
-Richard Wilkerson

I think it's wonderful that people like you are sharing such a good product with the rest of us because there are too many less useful programs for sale for which they're asking big$$$. I still think you've written a great program and it has already revealed some incredible and eye-opening distances between web sites that are geographically relatively close! I have been an enthusiastic "customer" of TJPing since version 1.5 [June '97], when I declared it to be "the best PING program that I've been lucky enough to find". I think it’s even better today and I am happy to say that Jim even added some of my suggestions for minor improvements. I can recommend TJPingPro to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the workings of Internet routing.
- Reg Simons

I just found out about your TJPing program and wanted to send along my thanks for all the hours of your life you've shared with us. thanks... excellent program, much appreciated. I'm enjoying the way TJPing works, on the whole. Much more convenient in several ways than ICMP Ping (aka WS_Ping). No complaints: the program runs very well, quick... AND interuptable (which WS-Ping seemed never to be when, eg, trying to ping a down machine). Again, thanks.
- Tom Farrell

Pretty Cool. Now I have a gun to point at my service provider when their server connection to the outside world goes down and they swear blind that it hasn't. Thanks a billion. Cheers fron sunny Cape Town (South Africa).
- Robert Ramsden

I've been hunting for a decent ping package for a long time and at last... somebody took the time to write something usefull !! Thanks.
- Neville Perry, Assistant Dial Support Manager - NSC

Just wanted to add to the piles of praise for your ping utility. Our group relies heavily on using PING to troubleshoot network problems, and the one built into Win95 leaves a lot to be desired. Yours is also the first reliable one that also includes trace AND lookup. Nice job, and thanks for the freebie!
- Keith A. Ruth, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., IT Support Group

Just wanted you to know that I am very impressed with your program. Even though I am not too swift with all the Winsock stuff, it didn't take me long to find the nature of the problem on a connection between here and Michigan.
- Gary Lebo

Great - tremendous - GENEROUS! Thanks for a really well done utility.
- Glenn Rountree

tjping works beautifully!
- Alex Termanis

Just a note to thank you for an excellent (and fundamental) tool! Nice interface with a quick clean execution. No fuss, no muss. It will stay on my desktop as a necessary tool.
- Dan Williamson

I've just had a look at TJPing v1.6. Looks good!
- Mark Symons

Excellent software. Simple, fast and yet powerful. Good interface too. Kudos to you.
- Sultan Askin

I needed a good ping program to test getting into our network at work from outside. I have used wsping in the past and the great and wonderous ping of microsoft but this one is by far the easiest to use and provided me the infomation needed in less than an hour from finding it. Two cows is right I give it a 5 also.
- Carl Zengen

Thank you very much. I'm just learning about pinging. Your app made it easy. It's a simple program and does what it says. It's going in my toolbox right now! Thanks again.
- Steve Block

Downloaded your program. Looks nice. Runs Great! Thanks!
- Michael Akin

Just grabbed TJPing (1.6) off NoNags ....NICE!!!! Everything I could ask for ... and more! Well done!
- Adamski, Administrator - Su27 Flanker Challenge Ladder

It's a really good tool which gets used every day in my job. I've been looking for this for a while, ws-ping (which is old) goes in the trash.
- Alan Thew, Computing Services,University of Liverpool

We'd like to point out one particular application with top marks: TJPing, which has earned a Five Cow rating from TUCOWS. It is a ping client AND a traceroute client, with "nslookup" thrown in, to boot (we'll talk about nslookup next month). Best of all, the author, Jim Dunne, is a fellow Internet Direct user! He's done a fine job on this program.
- Internet Direct Monthly Newsletter

I just wanted to drop a line concerning TJping. I am a technical support rep for the @Home Network in Mountain view, CA. I really enjoy using your software for some of the troubleshooting I do. I am appreciative of the fact it was freeware, AND useful.
- Jamey Diffee

Did you know that there is a special place in heaven for those who write freeware?
- Jack McGann

Love your app.
- Jack Fulgham

Since all you ask is how we like TJPing for payment, I am happy to tell you I just installed it tonight. After playing with it for about 30 Minutes I went back to WPing. Well, I guess you know what is next I just deleted WPing. WPing is good, but I like TJPing a lot more. Thanks for the great S/W.
- Steve Ray

I would like to thank you for your TJPing program.
- Ken Couell

Yes, TJPing is unique. Is a great and useful utility for Internet entusiasts. :)
- Edemilson Lima

It's an easy-to-use and effective program.
- Mike Nerone, Systems Administrator, Internet Direct, Inc

Just love this software... easy and excellent!
- Khaw

Just wanted to say that is neat pgm, you came up with!! Keep up the good work, and thanks fro making it available
- Bob here

Thanks for making TJ Ping. I was using WSPING32 which worked fine, unless a server was unavailble. It wouldn't let me cancel the operations. In search of a better product I found yours. It's quick, easy to use, and best of all, lets the user cancel out of failed operations.
- Corby Agid

Hello. My name is Brian K. Smith, and I work with the Cabinet for Families and Children in Kentucky. I wanted to send you a note about how your program is incredible. It truly is the most useful IP tracing software I've used. We have a terrible problem of users grabbing IP numbers from our pool of numbers without prior authorization. Using Look Up we are able to ascertain the Workstation name and put tighter reins on the violators. Well, thanks again for such a great piece of software.
- Brian K. Smith, Network Administrator, Office of Technology Support, Cabinet for Families and Children

Wonderful utility! Especially in an unfortunate situation such as a 28.8 connection at best. Keep up the good work!
- Scott Forsythe

...I do like your program quite well.
- Don Moe

Thanks for making your pinger available.
- Bob Chappius

Congratulations for your performing TJPing.
- Didier Landron

We have seen your app on the Web, good job.
- Andy Fyke

Congratulations on your nice Ping/Lookup/Traceroute application. Nice job especially with a complicated (but extremely powerful) language like Visual C++.
- Khaled M. Hammouda

AWESOME ping utility! Great tool - please keep the enhancements coming!
- Jeff Meyers, Lead Engineer (Network Test Lab), FORE Systems, Inc.

Nice utility that you've created. I've started to use it today, and I'm hooked already. Currently I use TJping quite a lot and I'm amazed with the speed of pinging and tracing. Cheers and continue the good work.
- Rein de Vries

Hi Jim... first let me thank you much for the great TJPing utility. It's one of the most useful things I've ever used.
- Paulie

Jim: Cool trace-route utility
- Graham Wideman

I think your software creation is great!
- Timothy Hall

Just tried a copy of TJping, and just wanted to tell you this is a wonderful utility, Thanks
- Bob Vandergriff

I just wanted to thank you for your program TJPing. I'm currently assisting a non-profit US based ISP which blocks pornography to get established here in the UK. Having little Internet experience, I'm learning as I go. I occasionally have to do tests such as ping and tracert and send their results back to the US. I've been using the old DOS prompt and then trying to cut and paste into an e-mail message. Your program makes this process so much easier as we try to provide a "safe" environment for schools, businesses, and individuals. Thank you again for your generosity in making this program freely available. Sincerely,
- Morris Hull, Home Life Ministries, England

Thank you for TJPing.
- James M. Jones, University of Tulsa, Computer Operations Manager, Computing and Information Resources

Hello Jimy, I find your TJPing 1.9 very good.
- Michal Harakal

I like TJPing very much. I often use it to kick some network connection, Sometimes it even helps to get my data quicker, or at least I think so :-). Thanx for the very useful and free program.
- Richard Berwald

Thanks for TJPing
- Lanuel L. Staten

I love your program. nice work!
- Robert Karen

i am using your tjping and like it...It sure is fast and usefull! thanks
- vince adams, starlite systems

You have a very necessary excellent product in TJPing 1.9.
- Doug Callihan

You have a very cool utility...
- Darrell Bell

Neato little program... I like it... Thanks
- Danny Smith

Just loaded your tjping program. It works great , thanks
- Ray Noel

I have tried TJPing, it's great! I am going to stick to this for all the pinging i need to do. Keep it up!...Thanks again for your cool software!
- Chee Choon Cheng

Your program is very good. - Pozdrawia...
- Krzysztof M. Pala

Hello I am very happy with TJPing 1.9, it is a great program.   I got the TJPing from Tucows. It is rated number 1 in there(five cows)!  It is the coolest pinger i have ever seen yet!  Nice work man !

Thank you for this very good Tool...
- Emanuel Kristof

I -love- TJ ping and it has very much helped me sort out assorted network problems... TJPing has been a real help to me and so thanks again!
- Bernie Cosell, Fantasy Farm Fibers

This is a greating from Slovak Republic. You are abble to be proud for the TJ Ping.
- Tesar Alojz

This is very cool !!!!!!!  Thanks again for such a great little tool !!!!
- Rod

My compliments for your great program and for distribuiting it as freeware. Thanks
- Aldo Bordieri

thank you for making such a nice freeware. May God bless you. ;)
- Prof. Saurus

Thanks for making it available. Your software worked for a lookup where others would not work. Thanks,
- Buddy Myers

Very well done. tjping 1.9
- Don DeLair

Cool program! (tjping) Keep up the good work!
- Allen Bryant

Works great, easy to use. (Easy to find/download)
Kevin Allaway

Ok..I tried 5 programs yours was the winner...easy to use, not complicated, user friendly. Thanks...
- Jerry

I use your TJPing, it's a great program!
- Jerry

great software !!!
- John

I like this ping software...
- Scott

Thank you for your top program tjping. It helps me very much in my work.
- Lars Modin

- Terry

Just wanted to say hello and thx for develope the TJping software,... it is great! :)
- Delia G. Pérez García

Just a word to let you know that TJ Ping is great. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
- Paul K.

I have just downloaded and tried the free version of Tjping and I was very impressed. Thanks
- David Cooper

I played with your tjping product, nice job.
- Corwith

This is a great program...
- Guy Tessier, Webmaster

Fort Wayne Internet, an ISP located in Northeastern Indiana, would like to compliment you on the release of TJ Ping.
- Chris Melching, Office Manager, Fort Wayne Internet

I really love playing with your program! I got it from TUCOWS.
- Ivo

I think the software is very well structured and functions well.
- Lorne Nicol, PKS Systems Integration

I think COOL! says it all.
- Gregor Gniewosz

Hey, Great program. I've been trying to tell my ISP (cable access) that they are slower than hell (as compared to other connections I have). Now I have the stats to prove it. Thanks
- John Vittone

Hi and Thanks, I just learned of TJPING, it is a neat little package. Thanks
- Morris Madison

Nice, easy to use utility.
- dsturzen

I've been using tj ping for a few months now and i think it's a great piece of software. Thanks for the good work !
- Guillaume Eyssette, France

You have done a good job. Best Regards,
- Erhard

i like tjping 2.0. Thanks
Kostas Piperidhs, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece

Love the program so far. Cheers,
- SAG (Sergio A Galindo)

I was just having a look at your TJPing program. Great tool. Thanks
- Robin Weber

I like your TJPING program.
- Bob Vawter

nice piece of software! :-)  complimenti, as the Italians say...
- Margaret-Rose Stringer

I am using TJPing 2.0. Congratulations for this product.
- Christophe Houee

Just a brief note of appreciation for advancing American Technology. You rate with us 50 Stars!
- Uncle Jon

Greetings from Germany. I am using your TJPing 2.0 with satisfaction.
- Prof. Dr. K.H. Glätzer, Institut für Genetik, Universität Düsseldorf

I consider both TJPing and TJPingPro to be excellent applications. Keep up the good work...
- Alan Taylor

I have been using your ping programme and find it very usefull
- Alessandro

Ping is a great program! Good work!
- Jim Ritchie

Thanks for a nifty product.
- Jan Pabitzky

I LOVE your TJping program. Thanks much for making it free to small timers like myself.
- Judas Seth

I just installed and tried this. I like it.
- Jeff Gruber

Hey Jimmy, I am an ISP, and I am trying to compile a cd with Netscape, and other utilities for my customers. I will charge a small fee for the CD to cover costs. I wanted to know if I could include TJping on it.  Nice software BTW. :) Thanks
-Kreg Steppe, Virtual1.net

Thanks a lot for what looks to be a great piece of software.
- Tony Earnshaw, Systems Manager, Electronic_State

Hi Jimmy...just a note to let you know how terrific I think your program is. I keep it available at all times on my taskbar in IE4.0. Now...if I can just convice my ISP they have a problem betwen themselves and their T1 line!!!  Thanx again Jim
- Clark Baker

- Fabrizio

Have used TJ Ping for some time---really is a good program.
- Roland Miller

I reviewed your TJPing and its GREAT!!
- Andrew McFadden

Great program!
- Andreas Björck

I love this program and use it daily to check things on the network here at UNC. Thanks for this great utility.
- Todd Lane, Information Technology Services - Networking & Communications, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

your job its good
- Richard Moron

Hello.  I like your ping application very much. 
- Steve Racz

Firstly, I would like to say that I admire your program.
- webmaster, goldenfc.com

just want to drop you a line saying how much I like your software, great job!!!
- nestor

I have tried out your TJ Ping. It works really well.
- Bob Korbel

I am just now testing TJping 1.8B2 - looks really nice!
- Henrik Fallgren

Your pinger program is very very , useful!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- T: Peter

I have tried your TJPing and you sure covered all the bases. I look after 2 class "B" address groups and find it handy for checking is a device is unattached. With the capture to a file parameters you put in it's great for generating a text file which I can manipulate later.
- Terry Shaban

I'm really glad to find and use your program, it explains a lot of things to me about how to trace a TCP/IP path over Internet. Thanks

I like your TJPing program. I have long used the old freeware version of WSPing, which is unfortunately no longer developed as freeware (WSPing is a commercial product now). I can't afford the commercial version of WSPing and wanted to look for another freeware PING client that would do the job as well as WSPing does and I'm happy that I found your product. I have it installed on my laptop that I use in school and on my desktop that I use at home.
- Bradley Olson

Thanx for TJPing I realy love it.
- Delmar Sumter

- Rochelle Parsons

thank you for this program
- Jimmy Elkins

I have been using TJ Ping as my default diagnostic tool for many months now. Keep up the good work!
- Chris Weisdorf

I just started using TJ Ping - it's a really neat program.
- Joel Abrahamson

I tried your TJPing V2.0 for Win 95/NT and would like to compliment you on a very professional product.
- Bob King

Compliment for your program :)))
- Papagno Davide

Nice Product. Thanks,
- Dave Wright.

TJPing is a great piece of shareware..
- Pete

First off let me just say thanks for TJPing. Its a great little program that has served me well for some time now. thanks again for the excellent program and keep up the good work!
- Kip Hampton

I have just downloaded TJPING and was very impressed with it (via NoNags.COM).
-Paul Oosthuizen

You utility is great! It comes handy when you get tired of typing ping under dos.
- Esteban Casarez

Great Program!!!!!!!!!!!
- Capt. David C. Harris

Using TJPING, I just figured out that another machine has the same IP as mine. Now I can fix the real problem. Thanks!
- Ken Moyers

nice app great work...
- Alex Minkiewicz

Many thanks for this nice freeware utility found on internet. I often use it to check connection between workstation and thanks to it, I have already solved many problems.
- Olivier van der Straten Ponthoz

congratulations for tjping, i'm glad to use it!
- Antoine

Great little software,, Thanks for the freeware.
- Rick Gifford

elegant little program u got there jimmy.
- Mike McFarlane

I've tried many programs of this type. TJPing is, by far, the best. Thanks, Jim.
- Tom Parisi

I have just completed using TJPing to trace a harassing email. First, I'd like to say that I was delighted to find this utility available, and I found it easy to use. Thanks.
- Matt Kozak

I've just been playing around with tjping - great job!
- Bruce Hartweg

way to go on this utility. nslookup saves the day on win95. easy to use, efficient, sleek. love it. much appreciation,
- Mike Mundy

From the look of your web page I see I'm not the only one who likes your software TJ Ping.
- Gary Beckford

I've been using TJPing for a few years now and love it.
- Todd Lane

thanks for the ping program.
- Curt Morton

Thank you for a very good program I will be recommending it to all my friends
- Kevin Barker

I have recently downloaded many different "nslookup" utilities from the net and have found your TJPing v2.0 the most useful so far.
- Garry Milroy

Great program. I love the stats and the ease of use... Thanks for the great program!
- Wes Mauer

...I have chosen yours because I find it better than the others like cyberkit, spade, netlab...
- Arnaud Mezrahi

This is the best "ping utility" I have ever used. It works without any configuration.
- Mike Henry

I recently downloaded TJPing 2.0 and find it very useful and educational, I'm learning more about the net all the time.
- Len Sunday

I enjoy TJPing, it's good work & it works good, the way software should.  Thank you for doing it right.
- Jon Steedley

I am trying to get my department to buy the full product as the freeware is an excellent tool. 
- Mike Henry

i really get a lot of use out of your program. it is well designed and comprehensible .. much much better than many out there.  keep up the good work and I REALLY appreciate the fact that you keep some programs free. that is very important. thank you for taking the time. 
- Kris G.

your program TJPing 2.0 is a very nice tool. Thanks for your programming. Best regards.
- Harald Mente

Top Job!
- Richard Barlow

thank you for your fine tool. It's realy fast.
- Alexander Groll

Thanks for the TJPING tool!  Well done, keep up the good work!
- Richard Park

Thanks Jim, I managed to get TJPing working on the network - it's a great piece of software.
- Lee Hewitt

Thank You for TJPing. I am very satisfied from this utility. Sincerely
- Vojo Spahiu, ALBANIA

I have been searching for a great GUI based ping utility and have downloaded several off of the internet. Yours was the best by far of all of the ones that I have tested. Thanks for a great utility.
- Brian Carter

this is a great tool!!! I am a helpdesk analyst for a major telecomunication company and I have recommended this to all my coworkers. thanks,
- Vincent Banks

Someone gave me TJPing2.0 and I thing it is a very nice and useful tool.  Thank You,
- Alex Senchea

I got your TJPing - Version 2.0 !!!  It is GREAT thank you so much for program!!! All my best,
- Asbjorn Christiansen

Great Application. This App is cool and is suggested for use on the Help Desk.
- Kent Moore

In this age of "always on" connections, no one should be without tjping, especially the latest version, which has logging. 
- Regards, Fred

Please Keep up the great work. The snerts are falling like rocks now. It is a lot of fun to send "Abuse" emails with ALL the info on someone that is trying to access you computer. Now if you could just let me make a 65mb packet, LOL. For all of the people that need the best in firewalls check out Zone Alarm. It and TjPing is ALL you need. Zone Alarm stops internet traffic both ways , The Only one to do that and is Free TOO.
- thanks from hawaii, Bill

Thanks, your software kicks ass.....

I work for the US Navy and upon downloading and using your software TJPing I was really impressed.
- Jonathon Gutkind

hi there just wanted to drop you a line and say your programs helped me tremendously thank you
- Don

This thing rocks!
- Tom

your TJPing 2.0 is working great! Thanks for providing this freeware!
- Helmut Boecker

Really like your Ping program.Works great!!!
- Roy


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