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Dec. 15, 1997!

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With PRO you'll get even more features for a super low price of $12.50! Want a tip? Purchase PRO now before Top Jimmy realizes they should be charging at least double for it!"
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User Comments:

Looking for a fast, easy to use tool for ping, lookup and trace? This is the app for you! Yes, we know there are many of these little tools around, but this one is definitely worth the look.
- Beverley Hills Software

I must agree with the critics - it's a great program indeed.
- Peter Jelstrup

Slick piece of software, Jim. Thanks.
- Rod Lindley

I am a computer programer aprentice (going to college to become one) and I take care of a web site for some friends of mine.  Every once in a while we get some harrasing e-mail of some poor bored soul. Latelly we have been getting one set of repeated e-mails from an unknown source. Your application has helped us to trace the source and allowed us to keep him out of our website. In other words your program is so well writen that I am pleased with it. I just downloaded it today , but would like to register it.  Thanks for making such a great application and I hope that the company you work for is paying you really good money.
- SFC Juan Estela

I really like your product. It has been very useful from a network management perspective. Thanks,
- Dennis Godt, Unit Leader-IT and Communications, Solutia Inc

The TJ PRO is a very good program. I am a network administrator at Washington State Univ. and your program is going to be a very useful tool.
- Jerry Atkinson

Jimmy; Great program. Simple, fast, w/ a good interface. Great for me to keep tabs on all my routers and servers.
- John Deming

great pro jimmy keep up good work
- Nissar Saib

This is the best ping program I've found yet! And believe me I've sampled quite a few of them. TJPingPro is wonderful.  It has simplified my task tremendously.
- Tracy Ryan

I really like your product. It is the best all around solution I have seen.
- Mark Frazier

Hey, you have a really nice utility!
- Mike Maculsay

Thank you very much. Look forward to many hours of use of your software. :-)
- Gary Netherton

It's great!
- Steve Stein

Thanks for writing quality software.
- John C. Reynolds, III

You have a very good product. I have used Ping Pro for the past 2-3 weeks. I really like it...
- Gerry Purinton

I have downloaded your software - TJPingPro 1.1 and tried it. It is very good and useful.
- Henry

...great little product...
- Colin Young

Thanks for this ping software!!
- Jim Pelletier

I like your program a lot and think it is the most complete of the ping programs I have seen.
-Rich Field

I recently bought your TJPingPro 1.1. Great product. Working great for me.
- Sandor Hasznos

Great Utility !!!
- Ron Hinton

I downloaded your software and tried it out. Very nice.
- Richard McLarty, Houston Police Department IS

Have just used your software for the first time (recommended by a friend). Bloody good and very small utillity!  Congrats!
- Matt Perry

..its a very useful utility that I shall be purchasing. Thanks

nice software. regards,
- Jim

I have just been evaluating TJpingPro and find it a useful tool.
- Thomas Hack

I have been an enthusiastic "customer" of TJPing since version 1.5 [June '97], when I declared it to be "the best PING program that I've been lucky enough to find". I think it’s even better today and I am happy to say that Jim even added some of my suggestions for minor improvements. I can recommend TJPingPro to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the workings of Internet routing.
- Reg Simons

I just wanted to let you know that your ping software is awesome! You have saved me a tremendous amount of time on an IP expansion project I am working on. I have used it for less than six hours and I want to register. Thanks again,
- Tracy M. Ryan

Just wanted to drop you a note, and let you know that I find your TJ Ping program very useful. I want to inquire as to the registration for TJPing Pro, as I like the SysTray feature.
- Bill Atkinson

TJPingPro is great. Thanks,
- Joe Epplin

This software will help the BT Industries group to improve the first level support when trouble-shooting our 200 site WAN.
- Peter Lindkvist

I have evaluated several pingers, and yours is by far the best (never mind the cheapest!). ... I like the straightforward way this program runs. Thanks,
- Nestor A. Armstrong Jr.

Hi, I like your TJPingPro 1.1 Build 2 very much !
- Jasper Koopmanschap

I've tried your program and think its great.
- John Graham, DeCA Help Desk

I am currently evaluating this product and find that it is very useful.
- Mark A. Powers, Network Engineer, E*Trade Securities

I want to commend you on a very good little utility. ....you have a very fine product for the money.
- Andy Ray

Love the program. Thanx
- Christian Arkins, Systems Analyst, Transcom U.S.A.

Thanks - great product!
- Randy Shankula, Integrated Data Systems

....I purchased your TJPingPro 1.1 version lately. It's well worth 12.50$. Thanks! Your product is great!
- Daniel Brodeur

I just wanted to send you an email and tell you that I think your product is really great...
- Bradley W. Jordan

A really nice product you have.
- Byran Dobie

I am a registered user of tjping pro.  It's a great little program.... Thanks,
- Joe Dombek

Your TJPingPro is just WONDERFUL!! When you have a new version or so, you must let me know. The program is a very big help for me.

- Maurits de Nil

i have tjpingpro.. i love it!
- Mike

A handy little program.
- G Herb Coombes

congratulations for your product, i think is excellent....
- Pedro Huerta

I found the TJPingPro a valuable product
- Alan Gruskoff

I want to buy a license of your great "TJPINGPRO"-Software.
- Roman Zuppiger

Hello! Thanks you for your tjpingpro.
- Luo Yonghui

Thanks for the Pinger, I'm an Earthlink "hostage" (Sprint sold us out) and those bastards use a variable timer. During peak periods they will drop you in as little as 90 seconds. I was really tired of "refreshing" the screen.
- ***

You have a great product that will save me time. Thanks,
- Mike

Nice work! I really like TJPingPro.
- David Miller

I just downloaded this pgm from tucows and installed it and liked it and bought it.
- Ken Wieringo

Your PingPro does exactly what I want it to do--keep my computer logged onto my ISP the whole work day. Many thanks,
- Barry Wallis

I download your powerful tool - tjpingpro 1.1 version , it is wonderful tool to help me to manager the network :)
- Flash

Thank you for the software.  I hope the meager funds you have asked are sufficient to enable you to produce other utilities such as this one. Thanks,
- Doug Wyman

- Dvora Oplatka

I'd really like to say I enjoy your software and would like to register it.
- Peter Tavora, Advanced Systems Engineer (ECE), KUKA Robot Systems

Hello, I work for the Ohio Dept of Taxation and I am evaluating your TJPingPro app for department wide distribution (help desk and network support personel)....The product looks great!
- John Hartman

We have downloaded and tried your software from the TUCOW web page. It's definitely something we were looking for, to be used for test of our wan connections.
- Dalibor Simacek, Hypercom Network Systems

Ping Pro looks like a winner. I have around 20 sites that could use it....
- Gregor Greig, Network Manager, Hexcel Corp

I really do like your program.. Its slick and simple and it works.. can't ask for more.
- Paul Huckins

THE best ping program i have ever used keep up the good quality software
- Darcy Hahn

have been using tjpingpro for 8 months now, but not for more than 30 days yet. ;-) just dropped by here because i needed the url to recommend you to a friend. But while here I must say that its a great software, has helped me out 10 times or so. Im a unix person so having this sort of toolset under windows is a godsend.
- Guilty Martin

I had been using your products from December 98 and it's excellent.
- Edilberto Rodriguez

You have done a really good job creating with this Ping utility.I love it.      I purchased it several months back.
- Michael Applegate

Well, I've tried out TJPingPro and love it. This is one of the very few shareware programs that I've found useful. Very cool!
- Sandy Bell

Your PingPro software is awesome...
- James Eyestone

I have been using TJPing Pro for almost a year. The $12.50 it cost me was a steal that gives a GREAT deal. We should feel guilty of software piracy for that price......
- Eldon Murray

Thanks for making a great piece of software.
- Grant Forster

I would like to register for your TJP PRO.  I'm on the 30 day eval (started yesterday) and love it.
- Terry Goodin

que mas. espero que estes bien. chao
- Gustavo Marcano

Thanx for your prompt response to my question. The best utility and tech help I have ever seen. No wonder you get such great raves. Thanx for everything.
- David Azza

Your product is great!
- Joe Calamaio

I have been using your EXCELLENT program, tjping pro, for some time now on a nearly daily basis.
- Bengt Hermansson

Your TJPingPro is excellent.  I've only had it for a day and I want to pay you for it...
- D. Byrd

I am using your tjping pro and think it great - how do you register?
- Li Xuechao

Thanks bunches for writting this great utility. I've been hacking around on Unix and IP for about 8 years now, and under Windoze, there are no real utilities, except for folks like yourself who write them. Thanks.!  Keep up the great job!
- Richard Keating

Love your nifty utility exactly what I was looking for to check the ccts that are down on frame relay in a jiffy. Thanks
- Khalid Ahmed.

Thanks for TJPingPro I have been using it for a longtime and it performs like a champ! ...Again thanks for the program and Happy New Year
- Jim Heath

I have just downloaded the Shareware Version of TJPingPro1.2.1 and find it very useful.
- Matt Gordon-Smith

your Programm TJPing Pro is very cool!  I use it on my German Windows 2000 Professional CPP Beta3 RC2 Workstation. It´s full compatible! You can also write on descriptions it work´s with W2K!
- Ruediger Kutzik

Thanks again for your excellent support, and rapid response. Software and support 100% on target as always.
- David

FANTASTIC program, you should be very proud!
- Pete Doyle

I love your product and our IT Networking teams all use it.
Thanks again for your product, it has been very beneficial in the past!!!
- Sandee, Infrastructure Services Analyst Sr.


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